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Nike Zoom Kobe V Basketball Shoe Review

The Nike Zoom Kobe V is a lightweight performance basketball shoe from Nike. As you probably know the Kobe series is inspired by the NBA star Kobe Bryant. Many people are a fan of this great basketball player making the Kobe series a step ahead of the competition. This article will review some of its great features so read it all if you don't want to miss anything.

Comfort + Fit A basketball shoe that molds to the shape of your foot and feels natural is a good basketball shoe. This is exactly what the Nike Zoom Kobe V does and it does it well, as you feel your feet slide into the shoe with no problem. Some people have described it as a true size to fit making it comfortably snug when you put it on. From the mid foot to the forefoot, the upper pushes against you to secure your feet into place giving you a gripped feel.

Styling The Nike Zoom Kobe V has a synthetic leather upper which is there for comfort purposes and to ensure your feet are feeling good when you have the basketball in front of you. It has durable rubber that goes all the way around the shoe.

Weight The weight of the Kobe V is minimal as it doesn't have a lot of extra features such as metal eyelets or a bulky heel. It's quite thin in comparison to other basketball shoes and uses light material giving it a lighter feel. If you're a player who uses pace to your advantage then this will suit you well, giving you that extra burst of pace you desire.

Front - Lacing The lacing system is pretty standard and when secured gives your feet a tight fit. The lacing leads up to the collar which is slightly padded but has material on it to wick away moisture from the front of your ankle making it easier to play in.

Shock Absorption A textile and patterned base is on the bottom which enables your feet to grip the floor well but most importantly its there for shock absorption. Shock absorption stops any force from landing or accelerating get to your feet which can wear them out over time.

If you're interested in buying these basketball shoes then it always helps to do that little extra research. This will improve your chances of making sure they're the correct type for you.