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Life Cycles - The Susan Boyle Story

Now the journey begins! I have so much material to draw on that I am reminded of the song "Where Do I Begin". Well this is as good a place as any. You should of course read all my previous posts to follow the process fully. You will then know that my theory 'Life Cycles' says that every twelve years in your life you are in a "Year of Revolution", which is marked by ushering in a new cycle through upheaval and fateful events. During this time the individual is forced outside their comfort zone and they can feel out of control on occasions.

OK, so now we'll examine the life of someone who shared the extraordinary fortune of winning a national TV Talent Quest show. Susan Boyle was the original 'ugly duckling' contestant when she appeared on "Britain's Got Talent". Of a shy and diffident nature and unprepossessing appearance, she shocked the judges and audience when she sang "I Dreamed A Dream" on April 11, 2009. This was watched by ten million and around 100 million viewed it on You Tube. She was 'gobsmacked' by the reaction. It was the title of her first album released in Nov. 2009, which within six weeks became the highest selling album for the year. It was also of course her own story about the long period of trying to show the world that she could sing. This parody on a fairy tale resonates with so many people.

Now this has meant a very public upheaval her life. It has also been marked by moments of meltdown and the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) became concerned by press reports about Boyle's erratic behavior and speculation about her mental condition. The day after the final, Boyle was admitted to The Priory, a private psychiatric clinic in London. TalkbackThames explained:- "Following Saturday night's show, Susan is exhausted and emotionally drained." Her stay in hospital attracted widespread attention, with Prime Minister Gordon Brown wishing her well. However she overcame this and went on to participate in a promotional tour.

How old do you think she was when all this happened? She turned 48 on April,1st 2009, so all these momentous events happened in her "Year of Revolution". The life changing upheaval, the fateful moments and the feeling of being 'out of control' were all there in a very public way. Other systems raced to explain accordingly. I read speculation about her birth date/s and what that meant to astrology and of course numerology wanted to claim some after the event explanation, as I'm sure many tried to do. 'Life Cycles' only examines what actually happens.

Now many may think these ideas have maybe been around before or are a corruption of something else, but I can assure they're not. No you are reading about a brand new original idea for the first time. I'm an unknown; a "Susan Boyle" if you like. Who is going to be my "Simon Cowell"? The answer is you all are. Any who read I urge to tell others. If you think I simply got lucky with this please keep tuned. We may look at a couple of others in this vein, because you know their stories or maybe you might pick up some gossip. Either way it'll be entertaining.