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Grow Your Business Without the Noise, Using This Simple "Marketi

Are you the business owner who feels overwhelmed and confused and feel there are too many things to do in order to get your name and brand out in the market place so you can have a steady flow of clients/customers coming in?

Are you a business owner who feels overwhelmed and confused because you know you need to do something but you aren't sure what you should be doing or when you should be doing it so you settle for chasing the next shiny and bright object?

Are you a "simple" business owner who would really like to feel confident in your marketing, get huge results by doing just a few "right" things at the "right" time?

Well, I've got great news! Here's my simple "Marketing 6-pack" formula. Use these six implementation marketing strategies in your business. Never stop! You can add on, but never take these away.

• Be YOU! Be DIFFERENT! Operate from a place of your authentic self. Become the expert in your field. You do this by volunteering to speak at events where you create "power partner relationships. You can teach seminars through your local Chamber of Commerce and other network groups like BNI and WOAMTEC. You become the known expert in your field; in your area and your business will receive promotion and recognition through the event itself, as well as through all the marketing for the event, before and after the event.

• Establish a presence online. This doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as simple as a Facebook page or even just a blog. The goal is to have open communication channels. This will not only boost your company's rank on search engines but your branding will be recognized online.

• Integrate Offline and Online Marketing and Advertising. When you integrate your two media channels, you up level your conversions and helps you build community. In other words, they join now and buy later.

• Have a great e-news with valuable, high content. I'm not speaking about having a written sales pitch. The opportunity here is to provide relevant information, adding another opportunity to position you as the expert. This also creates the like, know and trust factor.

• Build a strong list with the focus of giving good, high content, value to your potential clients, readers and subscribers. Over deliver and under promise. • If you are speaking, publishing an article, tweeting, it doesn't matter, always, have a "Call to Action"! This is by far one of the best, and least expensive marketing tools in your arsenal.

Remember growing your business is a journey. It can be overwhelming at times. Shutting out the noise is critical and is becoming more and more critical. Be consistent. No successful entrepreneur got to the top without a trusted mentor and coach. So don't go it alone. Learn from others who have been there before and achieved the level of success you're seeking. Take the elevator ride to the top. You'll cut years off your success curve.

About the Author: Marilyn Angelena is a Transformational Business Coach and Mentor known as Magic Makeover Genie! She is quickly transforming Small Businesses across America by helping Women become successful. Your business can literally be transformed in 26 weeks or less, regardless if you are just starting out with a new and fresh idea, you have been in business for a while and you aren't making any money or you are making a profit and you are now ready to go to the "next level".

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